Training & Development

Momentum Series

Our Complete Agent Development Program

At RE/MAX Legends, we are in the Business of helping you run your Business. Our education series are all geared towards entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Master Team Builder

A 4 hour course that will teach you a proven, 20 step process to building, and retaining, a Highly proficient team

Real Estate Perspective

A detailed overview of the real estate sales business. Associates are educated on the three irrefutable facts of real estate and the unique entrepreneurial opportunities it presents. After attending the class associates will have a realistic picture of what it takes both mentally and behaviorally to build a successful real estate business.  Associates will leave with the tools needed to create an economic model, organizational model, and operational model, for their business

Activities Management

You have 24 hours in a day.  Make the most of them with activities management systems.  Time blocking, vital activities and highest and best use activities are covered.

The Leverage Summit

An advanced class 0n complete leverage and team building.  There are 14 steps to building a successful team BEFORE you hire.  But once you complete those 14 steps, this class will walk you through the final steps in detail.  Organizational models, job descriptions, interview processes, interview questions, and accountability techniques are covered.

Buyer Conversion

The five stages of effectively working with a buyer. Associates are taught a complete “Buyers Process”, including how to facilitate a buyer conversation, identify appropriate properties, prepare showing packages, show homes, overcome common buyer hesitations, and close to a sale. This class is designed to turn the “typical” agent into a highly respected and sought-after buyer’s consultant.

Pricing Boot Camp

A seven step pricing strategy , designed to give you the confidence and insight to help sellers self-discover the most appropriate price entry point for their home, while adding value to your proposition as a listing consultant.

Listing Conversion

Designed for associates wanting to learn and become confident with a proven, professional consultative listing conversation. The five stages of an effective listing conversation are covered in detail.  You will leave better equipped to serve clients as a true listing consultant, while increasing your listing conversion rate.

Listing Objectives

A non-confrontational approach to overcoming common seller objections.  Associates are given data and tools to respond with confidence and without hesitation, to the common listing objections.

Referral Boot Camp

Rejuvenating your business starts with your direct contacts.  Everyone you know knows 5 people who will buy and sell this year.  A unique 33 touch program is taught to insure you increase your referral based business.  Proactively stay in flow with friends, family and past clients.

Marketing Boot Camp

A simple and proactive approach is taught  on how to best work with neighbors of just listed and just sold homes, smart farming, how to answer yard signs and home ads.  Your time is limited, so make the most of it with effective and efficient marketing strategies.

FSBO Boot Camp

A 5 step, non-threatening approach to effectively working with for sale by owners.  Even if you have no intention of trying to farm for sale by owners, you will likely speak to some in your career.  This class teaches valuable tools and information to convert a FSBO to an active listing.

Open House Boot Camp

Make the most of your time .  Don’t just sit at an open house with cookies and sign in sheets.  This class teaches the “label the looker method”, which is a non-threatening approach to conversing and following up with open-house attendees.  Advertising, hosting, and follow-up techniques are covered.

Expired Listings Boot Camp

A complete call to close method is taught for both seasoned, and new agents.  Even if you have no intention of trying to expired listings, you will likely speak to some in your career who’s listing has expired. Dialogue and tactics are covered in detail, so associates leave feeling confident and comfortable with their services as a listing consultant.

App Files

A complete step by step guide to our paperless file management system.  Learn to create contracts, obtain signatures, share 100’s of photos in a click, edit pdf files and contracts, create action plans, and manage contact info of clients.

RE/MAX Lead Street

Learn how to maximize the leads you receive from your RE/MAX Website, as well as a step by step tutorial on the Buyers Tour, Sellers Report, Flyer Creation, and an intro to Website Management.

RE/MAX Mainstreet

An in depth class on how to use the most popular RE/MAX tech tools – Referrals, Design Center, RE/MAX University, Shorten URL, News Boards, logos and marketing materials.

Social Media Advertising

Get the most bang for your buck with a tutorial on how to best advertise with Social Media, how to target market, and how to stay in compliance with you advertising.


Organize your Inbox !  and get the most from Google tools and google apps.  We will take you through setting up your inbox, organizing your business with google docs, and some of our favorite apps.

Mobile App

There’s an app for that !  Step by step instructions on how to share and use your RE/MAX Mobile App to optimize your value to your client base.