Client Care Coordinator - Buford

Wendy Daymond

Supporting Your Success

One of the greatest feelings that a client can have is feeling heard, understood and valued through positive
action to answer their questions, solve their issues and achieve their goals. One of those who definitely
excels in this area is Wendy Daymond. As a Client Care Coordinator, Wendy Daymond dedicates her energy
and efforts each day to supporting your success. “The part of my job that I love the most would have to be
the people that I work with. I am a people person and I love interacting with the staff and the agents on a
daily basis,” Wendy explains. “One of the best parts is seeing someone grow and succeed in their business.
That really makes me happy!” Wendy grew up in Alpharetta, and lived in Sugar Hill for over 20 years before
moving to Auburn just last year.

Treasured Family Time

Away from work, Wendy treasures time with her family, including her husband of 23 years, Keith, along
with their children — 20-year-old son, Blake, and 14-year-old daughter, Jenna. In her free time, Wendy
definitely stays busy supporting her family. “I am often running shuttle service for my daughter to get her
to whatever game, event or commitment that she has,” Wendy says.  “In the summer time, I prefer to be
outside. It doesn’t matter if I am doing yard work, playing with the dogs or just sitting, I just want to be in
the warm sunshine.  In the winter, I am a bit of a couch potato, just watching Netflix.  My animals are my
passion, I love my fur babies.  Anyone that knows me, knows about them!”

Passion for the Profession

As Wendy reflects on the work she enjoys and her role, she has a sincere passion for supporting the team.
“My hope is that the agents see me as someone helpful and caring, always ready to assist them in
whatever they may need,” she points out. “I’m happy to help agents with their listings, contracts and, best of
all, seeing the smile on their face when they turn in a closing!”