Managing Broker - Buford

Sara Morra

Buidling Strong Bonds

Sarah’s focus in her role as Managing Broker (also known as Captain Chaos) centers around cultivating
relationships.“That’s really at the heart of what I enjoy … building bonds with our agents, their staff,
their families, along with everyone involved in the process and in the industry,” she says with a smile.
“It means a lot to me to get the opportunity to become a part of someone’s life – lending them a hand or
an ear. In the process, I like finding solutions to issues and/or happier mediums for everyone involved.”

Rewarding Life

Away from work, Sarah’s life is made richer by her family, including her husband, James, who works as a
local golf professional. “We started dating in 2001 and have been married since 2005,” Sarah says. “We
have a son, Jonathan, who is 11 years old. He’s obsessed with gaming. Right now, he has his sights set on
becoming an astronaut or a politician.” Sarah and her family also have a pet—Apollo, a dark bridle boy boxer.
“Apollo is very protective. He’s an 80-pound lap dog who also loves pet sweaters,” she says with a smile.
In her free time, Sara likes game/card nights, binge watching funny and classic movies/shows, and all
things food and wine, including teaching her son how to cook, as well as trying out new recipes and
cooking methods.

Experience and Expertise

Those who know Sarah appreciate her honest, reliable and caring nature, along with the fact that she
makes herself available to serve the interests of those around her.

“I’m basically a jack of all trades. I started in the real estate business in 2005 as a property inspector
and worked my way up, as a salesperson, team member, office administrator and now Managing Broker –
while also side hustling as a janitor and event coordinator for our office.”
Each day, Sarah makes a real difference by building strong bonds.