Director of Operations

Morgan Collins

On Your Side

In today’s complex, ever-moving market, there can be a lot of uncertainty. That’s why it means a lot to
have someone on your side who makes everything work together … someone who is there for you to
give you extra support and a true sense of resourcefulness. That’s exactly where Morgan Collins excels.
As Director of Operations, Morgan is definitely on your side … going above and beyond to meet your
needs. “I really love being able to come alongside the agents in our brokerage and help them in any way
that’s needed to make their life easier and their business more successful,” Morgan says with a smile.
As she came of age, Morgan graduated from the University of Georgia. After her collegiate career
ended, Morgan began her career that included roles working in advertising, marketing and counseling.

Active Life

Away from work, Morgan has a passion for spending outdoors and hiking. She also looks forward to time
spent hanging out with her circle of friends.
“In my free time, one of my favorite things to do is making things look pretty and smell good,” she

Reliable Resource

When you think about the real estate transactions that you and your clients deal with each day, there
are many moving parts and a wide range of unexpected developments, derailments and surprises.
During those times, it’s good to know that Morgan is there to be a reliable resource. “At the end of the day,
my hope is that our agents see me as a safe place for them,” Morgan emphasizes. “Whether it’s venting
frustrations or asking for help, I hope they feel like they can come to me with anything.” Through the stops
and starts and ups and downs of real estate, there’s one constant you can rely on …Morgan Collins is definitely on your side.