Director of Production & Finance

Amanda Hill

Adding A Positive Spark

When Amanda Hill thinks about her favorite parts of her work, it’s clear that she takes her role in
supporting the goals of others through her gifts very seriously. As Director of Production and Finance,
Amanda adds a true, positive spark through her financial experience and expertise. “I have a 21-year
career in Accounting. I’ve worked in multiple industries before joining the real estate world, including
fields such as healthcare, telecommunications, and public accounting,” Amanda explains. “I love
helping the agents with their finance-related questions. Plus, I really love the relationships I have
been able to establish over the last year and a half that I have been here.”

The Heart of Life

Family is at the heart of life for Amanda. She is the proud mother of three children. There is her son,
Tristan, who is 15 years old. Plus, she has twin 12-year-old daughters — Ava and Ema, who are in 7th grade.
“Tristan is in the 9th  grade and has a real passion for dirt bikes,” Amanda says. “Emma loves soccer, while
Ava loves horseback riding.” Away from work, Amanda has a wide range of interests. She has an interest in
cooking, as well as spending outside gardening and spending time hanging out with her children.

Giving Her All

When you talk with Amanda, it’s easy to see the joy she gets from adding a positive spark … bringing her
production and finance gifts to her work with the organization each day. “My greatest hope through what
I have the chance to do each day is that my clients would describe me as helpful, friendly, thorough,
thoughtful, timely and reliable,” Amanda points out. “My goal is to serve the agents in the best way possible
every day.” When it comes to putting dedication and talent together on behalf of others, Amanda Hill is a
perfect example. Day by day, she adds a true, positive spark to the team.