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Our Vision is to be the most sought after and desired organization for motivated, purpose driven, real estate entrepreneurs seeking a proactive support system in a positive environment that fosters growth and success; while also attracting customers who seek out the company for the confident, award winning, and customer service based, reputation, of the organization and the agents that create it.

Fostering Growth & Success

26% Increase

in Home Sales per Producing Agent from 2015 to 2016

The Proof Is In the Numbers

Our team’s producing agents went from 16.83 sales in 2015 to 21.22 sales in 2016.

50% of our Agents

made over $100,000 in 2016, a minimum 20% increase per agent.

Our Agent's Commissions are Growing!

With a 33.8% increase from 2015 to 2016, our producing agents went from an average commission of $100,193.00 to $134,100.00.

37% Increase

In average volume per producing agent from 2015 to 2016.

We're Blowing the Competition Out of the Water!

That 37% increase meant we went from an average of $3.5 million in volume per producing agent to $4.8 million in a period of one year.


RE/MAX Legends has opened doors for me! Before I started working for RE/MAX Legends, I worked for a smaller brokerage. I had experience in the industry and I thought I was doing well, but I just could not get those listings. I came on board in September of 2013. The following year I doubled my earnings because I now work for RE/MAX, the number one name in real estate… Read More.

Alan Daniel

What an awesome decision it was to join RE/MAX Legends!

We began our real estate career at another RE/MAX office. After the market crashed, the broker of that office closed down the RE/MAX office and opened a smaller brokerage. In order to keep us there, the broker kept the monthly fees very small. The fees were low, but so was the return. We had no technology, no training, and no services. We knew we had to make a move, but didn’t know where to go… Read More.

Mafe & Chad Gwin

Before I came to RE/MAX I was told that at RE/MAX you get a larger pay check, but “don’t expect them to do anything for you.” That could not be further from the truth.  I have found technology packages like Appfiles that have saved my life and make it easy! A website that actually produces contacts and leads from buyers and sellers in my market who find me and want to talk to a RE/MAX agent.  Larissa‘s team has always been called “the Service Team” and it is! Read More…

Hank Bailey

I’ve been with RE/MAX Legends since 2011. Larissa Benson, the Broker/Owner of REMAX Legends,  is a dedicated and professional broker who stays above the curve in keeping her agents up-to-date with industry changes. She is always available to answer any questions, offer suggestions and help when needed. She is innovative and offers a variety of training classes and tools to enhance and grow your business. What I love most about Larissa is that she is always “forward thinking” with fresh ideas and plans for success.  REMAX Legends is the place to work and grow your real estate business…Read More.

Beverly Johnson

I have been working at RE/MAX since 1996, compared to my previous RE/MAX offices Legends is much more progressive with cutting edge technology.  My favorite new feature is the ability for buyers to go online to make earnest money deposits, which has made life so much easier without having to run around collecting checks when a contract goes binding.  Legends also offers an array of educational classes to help keep agents on point with current laws, marketing ideas… Read More.

Jason Moore

More Great Benefits of Joining
RE/MAX Legends 

  • Earnest Money Website

  • Paperless Office

  • E-signatures and Unlimited Virtual Document & Photo Storage

  • IP phones and mobile app for voicemail

  • 24 hour access to all office locations

  • Automated Marketing Materials for all Listings

  • Social Media Account Management